Auto Dealer Setups Performed On-Site

Pennsylvania Dealer Set-ups (Used Car)

We guide you and your application through the rigorous details through the Pennsylvania Department of State, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking.

We prepare you for inspections by other Pennsylvania and/or Federal agencies which must also review the application.

We often work with clients who have tried the process on their own and ran into trouble. Pennsylvania State Agencies want things done their way, and it often takes potential dealers far too much time to figure out what those ways are.

We take the “pain” out of car business paperwork!

Here at Dealer Consulting Services of PA, LLC we have Over 30 years of experience in the automotive business.

Car Dealer Services

  • Complete on-site set-up for used car dealers including criminal record checks for the owners, photographs, and site plan.
  • We can assist you with a dealership change of ownership, 911 address change, the physical change of address, add/drop a partner or officer, change of name, sole proprietor to a corporation, etc.
  • Most used car dealer start-ups require an onsite inspection, there are a few scenarios that can be done by mail.

Dealer Set up Service Fees are Non-Refundable

Let Dealer Consulting Services of PA, LLC know which zone the Dealership is located in (the actual physical location), and we can give you correct pricing for these fees. Additional licensing (please call for fees):

  • Assistance with Banking/Finance License 
  • Issuing Agent Contract Preparation
  • All Mail-In Set-Up Applications

Dealer Set Up Fees and State Fees are non-refundable. All Appointments Require A Non-Refundable Deposit – Please call for more information.